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E-Scholarships USA!

Operated by former counselors, College Guidance Consultants/ E-Scholarships USA! knows the demand on you and your students' time throughout the school year. Why spend valuable hours searching the vast internet or countless scholarship books, creating lists, checking for accuracy and handing out forms when College Guidance Consultants can do it for you! Realistically, high school counselors and financial aid coordinators can devote only a fraction of their time when it comes to providing scholarship information to students.


College Guidance Consultants is able to provide your school or school district with an extensive list of scholarships for a reasonable yearly fee. Unlike most scholarship services or scholarship books that provide a one time package, we will give you access to an updated list throughout the school year. This will give your students an opportunity to apply for scholarships up to and even after graduation.

The list will be available for viewing and downloading online. If you prefer, the list can be sent each month by e-mail using the Microsoft Excel program. (disk or paper copies are also an option) Using this information, schools can print out lists for students, add their own touches and include local scholarships, if they are not on the list. You can even link it to your school website!

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